Monuments in Jammu

Besides the spiritual respite Jammu brings, there is a wide array of historical treasure that is waiting to be explored. The charming riches of history and the unprecedented glory surging in the air of Jammu are definitely something to be witnessed at

Amar Mahal Palace

Considered the pride of the Dogra dynasty, Amar Mahal Palace was constructed under the reign of Raja Amar Singh. The structure boasts of magnificent architecture inspired by the Grand Chateaus of France. Any Jammu tour package will be incomplete without a visit to this splendid mansion. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Shivalik ranges and river Tawi flowing below, Amar Mahal Palace is defines royalty. Most portions of the mansion have been converted into a museum and it also treasures a well-stocked library. Swathed with ethnic environment, the palace is also a patron for many artistes as it also has an interesting art gallery.

Bahu Fort

Displaying the glory of the bygone era, Bahu Fort is amongst the most spectacular monuments in India. Built by Raja Bahulochan about 3,000 years ago, the fort is appreciated for its marvelous architecture. Terrace gardens (Bagh-e-Bahu) and waterfalls in the premises are the prominent features along with Maha Kali Temple (Bawey Wali Mata). Taking into account its mystical powers, it stands second only to Vaishno Devi in popularity.

Mubarak Mandi Palace

Mubarak Mandi Palace is an exemplary complex of the royal leagues. It takes credentials for taking one back in time. The complex is believed to be constructed in the 19th century and the oldest building dates back to 1824. A unique mixture of Mughlai, Rajput, Rajasthani and couple of more architectural style can be distinctively witnessed. The palace overlooks the Tawi River and thus offers a picturesque setting as well. The Pink Hall (Dogra Art Gallery) remains the main attraction of the palace for visitors, as it displays a splendid collection of paintings and sculptures.