Adventure Activities in Kashmir

Local sightseeing in Kashmir is popular but its Adventure tourism is also on the rise with numerous lakes offering activities in Kashmir like angling, boat rides and water surfing. Kashmir is also gifted with the stunning Himalayan ranges that offer Adventure Sports like Skiing – the most popular activity in Kashmir followed by Mountaineering, Mountain Biking / Cycling, Para Gliding, Bird Watching, Horse Riding, and Golfing which is becoming a very popular sports activity in Kashmir.

The adventure sports in Kashmir is made possible due to its high altitude mountain ranges that always remain snow-bound throughout the year thus, making way for skiing which is quite an enjoyable activity in Kashmir. Imagine the delight and thrill of skiing on the snow-covered slopes of Gulmarg, a small town that has become world renowned for its high altitude skiing facilities.

Activities in Kashmir also make way for aero adventure sports such as Para Gliding as well as Hot-Air ballooning in the valley of Sanasar. This region is home to a number of training camps that have been set up especially for tourists who wish to indulge in aero sports in Kashmir.

Apart from aero activities in Kashmir, water sport is also quite popular and offers tourists with the passion for adventure to completely soak themselves in water adventure sports in Kashmir. Water sports activity includes boat cruising, trout fishing, water skiing and white water rafting in the mighty Rivers of Kashmir. Enjoying such adventure activities in Kashmir amidst its breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty is a pleasurable experience to indulge in. Amongst the popular sports like trekking, camping and river rafting, Gulmarg also features one of the highest altitude green golf courses with a clubhouse, and golfing facilities. The Clubhouse also offers temporary memberships to tourists, who wish to play for a few days.

Things to Do in Kashmir

  • Bird Watching at the wetlands of Surinsar and Gharana is truly amazing. Known as the bird watcher’s paradise, these wetlands lure thousands of migratory birds every winter from Siberia to its abode. You can spot species like the coots, cormorants, egrets, mallards, pintails, and terns. These birds are as important to the eco-system as the endemic birds of Kashmir do, and hence contribute to the exotic flora and fauna population of Jammu & Kashmir.
    The Bar headed geese often seen in the Gharana wetland is a delight watch. In fact, it flies over the Himalayas to cover an incredible distance of 1000 miles from the breeding grounds of Central Asia way up to India in just one day! Apart from this rare exotic species, the wetlands of Kashmir account to 24 in number and are all ideal for bird watching activity. The rare and notable bird species in these wetlands are the Black Necked Crane, European blue whistling Thrush Vulture, Falcon, Ibis bill, Pied Fisher bird, and the Yellow billed magpie, a delight to see and to capture a shot in your cameras for life.
  • Horse riding in Kashmir is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful countryside and mountain passes of Kashmir. Imagine riding through the pathways and gentle slopes of Kashmir would be incredible indeed. Kashmir is abounding with Horses that are readily available for hire. You can approach the Hotel Travel Helpdesk for assistance in getting a horse hired for you for touring purposes. If you are trekking, then Horses can be used for carrying your luggage and trekking equipment up to the highlands of Kashmir. The town of Gulmarg and Pahalgam in Kashmir is dominated with good horses for rides.
  • Kashmir offer ‘City Walks’ for the interest of tourists who are not too keen in adventure activities in Kashmir. The capital city of Srinagar, formerly named as ‘Shahar-e-Khas’ by the Mughals, offers excellent opportunity for city walks along its pathways filled with historic charm, ancient shrines, churches, gurdwaras, temples, mosques, water bodies, forts, and bazaars, to mention a few. City walks within the Old City of Srinagar offers an enormous chance to view its rich heritage and to showcase its cultural influence apt for the inquisitive and engaging tourists.
  • Angling in Kashmir is a must-do activity made possible due to the snow-clad mountains of Kashmir which gave way to many sparkling streams, thus luring anglers to Kashmir, especially during spring time and summers. Rightly referred to as the angler's paradise as well, Kashmir holds a network of glacier-covered streams and rivers, and high altitude lakes that are home to an abundant population of trout.
  • Skiing is one of the prime attractions in Kashmir and is apt for adventure seekers looking for a day of fun and exciting amidst the valleys of Kashmir. Gulmarg in Kashmir is considered as the best ski resort in the Himalayas. This Ski Resort was founded in 1927 and established by the British who started the first Ski Club of India at Gulmarg.
  • Shikara boat ride at Dal Lake and Nagin Lake is one activity that you can enjoy while vacationing in Kashmir. A smooth joyride over these water bodies gives a chance to get a closer look at the enchanting Zabarwan Mountain Ranges that are set as the scenic backdrop of the Lakes thus offering a thrilling experience to be remembered for life.
  • Mountain Cycling in the Mountains and Hilly terrain of Kashmir offer ample opportunities for cyclists to test their skills and endure challenging routes and sturdy terrains to be conquered just within a few days. An ideal blend of the right aptitude, passion and energy is all it takes to enjoy a mountain biking expedition in the Himalayas that is sure to offer you the thrill of adventure.
  • River Rafting Water Sports in Kashmir is a true blessing for adventure seekers around the world. The Rivers in Kashmir offer more than a pleasurable sight, including all the adventure ingredients to attract a large crowd of adventure enthusiasts looking for an activity-oriented vacation in Kashmir.
  • Para Gliding is a favourite aero sport in Kashmir that took off quite well since its inception stage. Known as the latest addition to the list of activities in Kashmir and a boon for adventure tourism in Kashmir as well, Para Gliding takes you on an incredible aero tour over of the lush valleys and majestic snow-capped Himalayas.
  • Golfing in Kashmir is another outdoor activity that is unique and most popular amongst golfing enthusiasts. Unique in a way that it is situated on a high altitude ground level surrounded by an invigorating environ which is covered with enormous Chinar and Pine trees. The Verdant Golf Courses in Kashmir can be enjoyed in Gulmarg golf club and Srinagar golf courses where you get to play the game for longer hours as opposed to golf courses in other places.