Tso-Moriri Lake

Mighty, endless, vast, abundant, clear, beautiful and pure. At Tso Moriri, all we could do was bow down and feel blessed at having witnessed it. Tso Moriri, at a distance of around 250 km from Leh is a high altitude mountain lake at a height of around 4500 m, in Ladakh.

Tso Moriri Lake in Changthang region of Ladakh is one of the most beautiful, calm and sacred (for ladakhis) high altitude lakes in India. In fact, it is the largest high altitude lake in India that is entirely in Indian Territory. This beautiful blue pallet lake is about 7 KM wide at its broadest point and about 19 KM long. Being part of the wetland reserve under Ramsar site, it is actual known as Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve and one cannot pitch any tents or construct anything near the banks of the lake. It is the highest Ramsar site in the world. A large number of flora and fauna is found in the region.

Tso-moriri is mind-numbingly beautiful, Calm and sacred lake. Tso-moriri is higher than Pangong Tso and the water is far less brackish supporting more birdlife. The water is crystal clear and of a deep blue color. However, since the Tso-moriri Lake has no outlet, its waters are consequently brackish, although not very detectable to the taste. In fact, the Tso-moriri Lake was once a popular source of salt.

Tso-moriri Lake is situated in the middle of the elevated district of Rupshu. The Rupshu valley lies south east of Ladakh on the road from Manali to Leh at altitude ranging from 16,500 feet. The 137 km drive from Leh to Rupshu can be covered in 7 to 9 hours. This pretty valley is inhabited by a small population of ‘Changspa’, who are nomadic shepherds. The area is rich in wildlife including the wild ass, black necked cranes and geese flock to the lake side for breeding during the summer months. This serene lake and the area around it attract a large range of wildlife, including migratory birds, marmots, wild asses, and (rarely spotted) Tibetan wolves. Nomadic herders of goats, yaks, and cows live in the lake's vicinity. In reality this place is extremely harsh and difficult to survive especially in winters. This eye-soothing lake is the Divine Destination in Leh. Chumathang Hot springs: Chumathang pateau located on the way to Tso Moriri is famous for the boiling hot sulphur springs by the icy cold Indus River. The Chumathang hot springs like other hot springs is also considered curative in nature!

Best Time to Visit Tsomoriri Lake

Tsomoriri experiences summer from the month of June and last till August and is apt to experience the beauty of the place.

Tso-Moriri Weather

The temperature remains comfortable between 2°C to 30°C.